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our executives

Richard Rendell

Managing Director

Richard began his career as a computer hardware engineer, later moving to software engineering with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence. He held systems developer roles with Plessey, CMAD and Data General before spending 18 years at Oracle Corporation working in product development and on several Oracle acquisitions. Since leaving Oracle in 2007, Richard has founded companies in precision medicine, aged care, health informatics and cloud computing.  He founded Applied Precision Medicine in 2012, to help life-sciences businesses through the commercial journey from research-lab to clinical use. Through this vision, Applied Precision Medicine now provides services in genomics sciences, biomedical sciences, software development, bioinformatics, diagnostics, medical device development, regulatory compliance and healthcare reimbursement. Customers are in the areas of immuno-oncology, cardiology, pharmacogenomics and pharmaceuticals. Richard is also a venture investor, company advisor and independent company director. He is driven by a continuing interest in using advanced technology to help improve and save people’s lives.


Chris Pendlebury

Chief Scientific Officer

Christopher is a commercial-scientific professional with 8 years experience in molecular biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Since graduating from Monash University in early 2010 with a Bachelor of Biotechnology with Honours, Christopher has dedicated his career to the nexus between new and emerging technologies and commercial, entrepreneurial initiatives, especially in the converging sectors of biotechnology and "Big Data" IT. He has worked in his own commercialisation consulting business since 2010, and joined Applied Precision Medicine in 2012.

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