Applied Precision Medicine brings together consultancy, implementation, and training to deliver genetic tests into commercial clinical use. Covering the continuum from scientific research to medical use needs a broad set of unique services and skills designed for customers at various stages of this journey.

Clinical Systems Integration

Increasing demand for genetic tests will require wider risk protection and liability management because a significant part of the diagnostic procedure is bioinformatics and out of the wet lab. If you are a commercial pathology lab integrating genetic tests into your service offerings we can help.


  • Genetic test results in easy-to-use clinical reports

  • Dynamic live reports with drill-down into supporting information

  • Embedded information from public data sources

  • Integration with LIMS and other datastores

  • Audit compliant bioinformatics

  • Data and diagnosis replay

  • Encryption of data at rest, in transit and in use

  • Virtual Data Room (VDR) for collaborative diagnosis

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