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Richard began his career as a computer hardware engineer, later moving to software engineering with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence. He held systems developer roles with Plessey, CMAD and Data General before spending 18 years at Oracle Corporation working in product development and on several Oracle acquisitions. Since leaving Oracle in 2007, Richard has founded companies in precision medicine, aged care, health informatics and cloud computing.  He founded Applied Precision Medicine in 2012, to help life-sciences businesses through the commercial journey from research-lab to clinical use. Through this vision, Applied Precision Medicine now provides services in genomics sciences, biomedical sciences, software development, bioinformatics, diagnostics, medical device development, regulatory compliance and healthcare reimbursement. Customers are in the areas of immuno-oncology, cardiology, pharmacogenomics and pharmaceuticals. Richard is also a venture investor, company advisor and independent company director. He is driven by a continuing interest in using advanced technology to help improve and save people’s lives.


Trained originally as an electronics and computer hardware engineer, Richard moved to software engineering in the 1980’s and subsequently joined Oracle Corporation in 1989.


During 18 years at Oracle, Richard established the Australian Product Development Division in Melbourne where he initiated and managed Oracle’s participation in Australian Federal Government R&D programs, moving development of two key Oracle products to Australia through negotiations with Oracle USA.


As a Senior Director of Product Development, Richard had responsibility for worldwide product strategy and development of a set of Oracle products including licensing, pricing, distribution and deployment models, market analysis, customer engagement, press and analyst communications. Richard’s team was required to add DNA data support in the Oracle database tools for the Human Genome Mapping project undertaken by Celera (an Oracle customer) in the year 2000.  Later Richard held key roles in the technical and commercial due diligence for several of Oracle’s 30+ acquisitions in the early 2000’s.

After leaving Oracle in 2007, Richard created his own company, Applied Precision Medicine Pty Ltd (APM) with a primary focus on consulting and building Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) to assist companies in the commericalisation of DNA based clinical diagnostics. APM was one of the first companies in the SaMD arena and was an early contributor to regulatory discussions with TGA surrounding this technology.


Through an exclusive partnership with Appistry LLC, a US company headquartered in St. Louis, Richard successfully brought  new bioinformatics processing technology to Australia, working with Appistry’s Chief Science Officer, Richard Mazarella, who contributed to the original Human Genome Project, held positions as Snr Computational Biologist at Pfizer and at the Washington University School of Medicine with 44 publications in molecular and precision medicine.


The Appistry partnership led to work with Pfizer, GeneCare, University of Melbourne, Monash University, GeneWorks, UWA, Department of Primary Industries (Vic) and Queensland Institute of Medical Research. Richard built and delivered bioinformatics and translational medicine solutions and a commercial framework for clinical Genetic Diagnostics services.


In 2014 Richard and his company APM were commissioned by Doctor Robyn Lindley, CSO and Founder at GMDx Genomics to build and implement the GMDx Genomics Platform that would deliver Dr. Lindley’s unique codon-context DNA algorithm into research and clinical use. The GMDx Genomics technology is now among the most advanced genomic testing available and capable of predicting responders/non-responders to immunotherapy drugs and predicting Cancer progression with up to 99% accuracy. Richard joined the board of GMDx Genomics as Non-Executive Director in September 2019 and APM continues to deliver ongoing platform development and support to GMDx Genomics.

In 2016 Richard was engaged as Consulting Technical Architect for CNSDose Pty Ltd, a Pharmacogenomics company focused on the selection and dosage of anti-depressants and later Cardiology, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Alzheimer’s disease. Richard created the initial platform design and implemented the regulatory compliance for both FDA and HIPAA enabling CNSDose to deliver services in the US. 


From April 2019 to June 2020, Richard held the position of CEO at Vpatch Cardio Pty Ltd addressing commercial compliance, product and market strategy for the company regarding its mobile ECG event monitoring device.  During this time, Richard established distributors in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and took India and China distribution agreements to verbal approvals prior to COVID-19 disruptions placing final sign-off on hold.


Richard is often invited to speak at industry events and presented at major Oracle conferences around the world.



From presentation

Christopher is a commercial data scientist with a background in medical biotechnology and mathematics. With over ten years of experience at the nexus between new and emerging technologies in molecular biology, bioinformatics, big data and new models of genomic analysis for clinical use through AI and Machine Learning. Chris implemented the unique codon-context DNA algorithm for GMDx Genomics which is now capable of predicting responders/non-responders to immunotherapy drugs and predicting Cancer progression with up to 99% accuracy. 


Prior to GMDx, Chris worked on a range of genomics and bioinformatics projects in conjunction with Applied Precision Medicine Pty Ltd and Appistry LLC in the US. These projects included collaboration with key US genomic scientists from Washington University (St. Louis) who had contributed to the original mapping of the human genome. Chris worked locally supporting Appistry’s genomic analysis appliances and software pipelines in Australia with GeneWorks, QIMR, Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia and the Australian Department of Primary Industries. 


Through a collaboration with GeneWorks, Chris consulted to Pfizer on bioinformatics relating to gene expression and his work enabled a new drug approach which was ultimately patented by Pfizer. 


Recently Chris has enabled early work on ECG pre-processing and genetics associated with arrhythmias. He holds a Bachelor of Biotechnology with Honours from Monash University.

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