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Richard has recently been covered in Forbes magazine where he explains his experience in modern precision medicine and that it’s now possible to begin tailoring treatments for cancer, heart disease, stroke and other serious diseases by analysing what makes some patients respond better than others. Richard has worked with distinguished scientists and medical practitioners at the frontlines of healthcare. All are working toward a comprehensive approach to Risk, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment. Data is required from many sources and analysed in ways not previously possible. The use of whole genome analytics and data from a myriad of clinical grade and "Digital Health" medical devices, that can acquire key biometric data, coupled with an intelligent platform that can interpret the clinical implications of these diverse information sources. This ultimately means predicting and preventing these serious diseases and ensuring the right treatments are available to patients faster, with a higher degree of confidence that the treatments will work. 


This potential impact on healthcare inspires and drives Richard’s deep personal commitment to deliver his vision through Applies Precision Medicine. 


Richard draws on a unique set of skills and experience from 15 years of board and CEO roles with medical device and precision medicine companies. Prior to that a long executive career at Oracle Corporation with global responsibilities for products with $100M+ revenues. He also founded the advisory board and was CIO at iSelect Limited which listed on the ASX in June 2013.

The services and products offered by Applied Precision Medicine are backed by highly skilled teams who are committed to improving the lives of others through the use of advanced technology.

Richard Rendell

Managing Director

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